Our Suppliers

Ortofrutticola Cervellin has established direct relationships with the main supply chains, such as local producers and Italian and foreign consortia, including Coferasta, Apot agricultural cooperative society (Melinda and Trentina), Mc Garlet s.r.l. and Fruttital s.r.l. (import of exotic fruit). The wide and refined selection of vegetables is ensured by companies such as Sicula Ortaggi s.r.l., La Solaris s.r.l., Angelica s.r.l., Azienda Agricola La Rocca Antonio, and other excellences of the sector. To enrich and complete the offer of products for the citrus sector, Ortofrutticola Cervellin boasts excellent relationships with companies such as: Carbone Raffaele srl, Russo Giovanni, La Principessa srl, Antonio Forcina Ingrosso Ortofrutticoli etc. These relationships, consolidated during the years and now based on professional expertise and trust, have made it possible for Ortofrutticola Cervellin to maintain the highest product quality standards.


In order to guarantee the excellent quality of its seasonal products, Cervellin carefully selects its national suppliers, including Sant'Orsola Agricultural Cooperative Company, Apot Agricultural Cooperative Society, Opera Cooperativa Agricola Company, Cico Agricultural Cooperative Company Cons. Italiano Cooperative Ortofrut. and VI.P Agricultural Cooperative Company.


The experience of a lifetime combined with the passion for this activity has led Ortofrutticola Cervellin to consolidate its horizons towards the supply of foreign and exotic products, establishing a series of efficient, transparent and synergistic relationships with suppliers such as Mc.Garlet, Fruttital srl - Gruppo Orsero - and Dole Italia spa .

IV and V range

A selected search of suppliers in the local area to offer packaged fruit and vegetables ready for consumption. Fresh fruit and vegetable products (or semi-finished products already cooked) which, after harvesting, are subjected to minimal and controlled technological processes in order to guarantee hygiene, safety and taste.