Our Pluses

Thanks to our experience and love for the fruit and vegetable sector, to an efficient logistics system, and to the expertise of a highly qualified staff, Cervellin Ortofrutticola is able to provide a broad range of services, which make all the difference in the service to the customer. These qualities not only allow the company to maintain high customer satisfaction, but also to expand it with constancy and variety.


Our experience and knowledge of the products, gained in over 70 years of activity, has been placed at the service of the customer, through its qualified staff and seriousness in the choice of fruit and vegetable producers.


The products supplied are carefully selected by Cervellin, in full compliance with the relevant regulations and are guaranteed by national and international suppliers, who have worked with the company for years.

Broad choice

Dried, exotic, organic and seasonally adjusted products. Fruits, seasonal vegetables and IV range (washed, packed and ready for consumption) and V range (cooked and ready for recipes, packaged and ready for consumption). The variety of products offered by Cervellin is able to meet all needs and tastes.

Service to the Costumer

The receipt of orders is active 24 hours a day and each customer is followed by an internal contact person, in charge of meeting all his requests and needs.

Quick Delivery

Thanks to its own fleet of motor vehicles and to a company operating inside the Udine Mercati (Udine Fruit and Vegetable Markets) and to external transport agencies, deliveries are insured 7 days a week, all in full compliance with HACCP standards.

Customer Care

Ortofrutticola Cervellin stands out for the quality of its products and the care it pays to its customers, which it carefully follows in order to offer a service that is always reliable: its team professionalism and experience are always available to its customers.