Maximum Product and Service Quality


The seriousness of Cervellin company is also expressed in its timely response to the customer and in the punctual delivery of the order.


Thanks to an optimal logistics organization, a widespread service is offered in the distribution of orders.


Always available for advice, information on orders and to always offer the best of the fruit and vegetable sector.



Guaranteed by the wide range of local and foreign products, chosen with care and constancy, for its own customers.


The quality of domestic and foreign products, from processing to sale, is guaranteed with constant controls by Cervellin.


One-of-a-kind products, in a proposal that combines quality and convenience, thanks to the dense sales network consolidated over the years.


The certified Quality of the Product

Plant Protection

All phytosanitary treatments, aimed at protecting the product from harmful organisms and its preservation, are carried out in full respect of nature and full compliance with supranational, national and local regulations that govern their use.

Organic Produce

The cultivation of organic products, which do not use preservatives and transgenic substances is increasingly widespread. Ortofrutticola Cervellin takes great care in offering products belonging to this range and allows its customers to choose products coming "directly from the garden" in complete safety.

The Certified Service Quality

The quality of the products is guaranteed by random controls carried out by outside private laboratories operating in accordance with the regulations in force, and by certifications supplied by the same companies from which Ortofrutticola Cervellin gets its supplies. In addition to this, Agecontrol and the competent Local Healthcare Unit thanks to their periodic checks, guarantee the quality of the products distributed and sold throughout it. Finally ,imported goods are strictly controlled and stored in conformity with the directives of the HACCP legislation, which ensure and impose a healthy and natural product.